Lets keep going!

by Regank, 2 days ago

Hey all,

What a disappointing few weeks we have had. Raids cancelled, Failed Garrosh kills and some silly silly wipes (normally my fault!) and inability to log in (Bravo Blizz)

Equally we have had a few really good raids! 9 kills in 2 hours one night with people getting the gear they need for a change! We have had some fun doing old content; doing an achievement for killing dwarves which wasn't actually the dwarves for the achievement (Thanks Ers x)

We have 10 players now which if we all sign up means raids. Ers and I are willing to pug 2 people per raid if needed but if that is the case then we need to do normals not heroics. We want to be getting back to our best. This means we need everyone to step it up a bit. Healers we need higher HPS, DPS more DPS and Tanks more reliability. We have had a few people change characters or specs to fill short term gaps, thank you guys. What we need though is everyone to be as good with their offspec as their main spec to do heroics again.

Also if you are moving from ranged to healing, healing to ranged, melle to ranged etc you need to know all the tactics for the change and have the required awareness. So practise! Go do shitty LFRs and be top dps, go do flex and fail in there, go do old content just to get a feel for it. When I changed to holy during Cata I spent weeks practising running around in hc dungeons and pug old content just to learn. The best place to learn is a bad pug! You need to be the best you can and do more to kill things in bad pugs!

We can do this lads. we are better than a guild who are 11/14hc we just need to up our games a bit.


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