Notice of Guild Closure

by Regank, 444 days ago

Hi All,

Yes the title is extreme but it sums up what I need to say.

After many months of soul searching and slogging my guts out the time has come for me to close Virtue. This may be a shock to some, too late to others but for me the timing is just right.

I took over the guild during ToT progression after a very shaky period. At first it worked well as the group of guys we had pulled together and worked hard to do what was required of them as everyone wanted to continue Virtue's legacy. Over time players have drifted away, some have come back, but in general only a handful of us still remain from that time. Due to the natural evolution of the guild and the need to have a larger team for mythic the demands on me, the officers and raid leaders has increased to tipping point.

I have summed up my options, the guilds options and to be fair I've thought about where most people as individuals will go and what they will do. This left with with the choice of cancelling the raid team and keeping Virtue for social or closing the guild. Simple fact is I do not have time to raid (pug or as part of a guild) and run a guild. Its put strain on me, my family but most of all my wife. The only thing she wanted for her birthday was more time with me. How can I say no to that? I can't step down or make someone else GL as I am sure most of you will agree a guild is not an easy thing to manage, run and enjoy! So I will be closing the guild.

There are a lot of practical things I need to arrange before it is closed but please take this as formal leave to start looking and applying elsewhere.

I want to thank a lot of people for what they put into Virtue: Steel for forming and kick starting the team, making the choice to transfer to Arathor and then rebuilding from 6 players. Sif for being an awesome team player, playing feral when you wanted to tank, tanking when you wanted to DPS and pushing me to make me better. Ers for picking up the RLing reins and pulling us up to a rank high of 7th! Mihunt for all the admin you did for me. Fud for being a great mate and a short arse gnome. But most of all, everyone who has raided with us at any point in making our successes possible.

Thank you all for making Virtue what it was.


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