Warlords of Draenor 13/11/14

by Regank, 40 days ago

Hey Lads,

It is finally announced. 13th November 2014. We will be heading through the Dark Portal to battle the Iron Horde and Win Glory for the Alliance and once again save Azeroth (seriously this planet is always in some sort of shit!) WoD Release trailer

I am not going to tell you what I want of you. Im going to tell what I am doing with the guild and ask you come with me. If you cant and you want to do your own thing then you have my blessings but please can you let us know below your plans for WoD.

So where is Virtue heading? Well you see that pretty perch that Azys have??? Well that's from 5 days a week hardcore raiding. That is the ultimate goal but for now, Server 3rd is the goal. 

What do we need? Players! I don't know everyone's plans but I know we have 6. We need another 6 to start raiding normal and heroic and another 18 to do Mythic. Once we are doing normal/heroic though I think we will find we can attract players if we keep our progression up.

What are we doing? Well I have my op on 9th September so expect be be able to play again mid October. At that point I will return to WoW and start Pugging Heroic SoO. We will PuG with different guilds, with randoms and so everything we can to meet people. If they are good. We ask them to join us!

I dont think I will be back at work until January 2015 and intend to use that time wisely!

My question to you is thisAre you with me?

See you in Outland!


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