Back on progress, 20th spot now!

by fudrick, 16 days ago

IJ HC Down!


Soooo, last night we killed Iron Juggernaut HC! very nice done guys! We all stepped up as a team, I want to complement our team of the night on the good communication regarding healing cooldowns, taking mines and the use of personal cooldowns!

This fight showed our dps numbers are even as well, as we all were very close :)
(I hope to be higher next time tho, Affli should be way better than destro here^^)

Soooo, program for monday is HC Shamans!

If we kill that we will move up the charts even more, untill EzPz kills Shamans as well, or we kill Malkorok on hc, as that's the boss the guilds above us are working on :)

So, be ready monday, and see if/how your talents, glyphs or spec (looking at our hunters, cara and me) could make this fight better to manage :)

Cya Monday,
Lets kill them hc Shammy's!

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