WoD, Raiding and Progression

by Regank, 17 days ago

Hi all,

We have had a good few months of taking life easy, having a laugh, clearing SoO and getting heirlooms across an endless expanse of characters.

With WoD coming out on Thursday it is worth a reminder of what we expect of raiders, senior raiders, raids and what we as officers will be doing. If I am repeating what you already know and do, that is great. If its new to you or you need to step up this is the time to do so.


  • We expect progression.
  • We expect people to be getting ranked
  • We expect people to get, use and enjoy getting gear.
  • We expect to be competing to be a top raid guild on the server(s)


  • We want you to be having fun.
  • We expect players to sign up 48 hours in advance. Please do not use tentative if you can avoid it. It is so vague that Ers and I cannot rely on it. 
  • We expect players to be online 15 minutes before raids and ready and waiting out side of the instance.
  • We expect players to be at their computer from raid start to raid end, the only exception is raid break.
  • Raid break is 5 minutes long. Please do not be 7 minutes, it could be the difference between 1 last pull which we get a kill and having to call it before a kill.
  • We expect players to have watched tactics videos and know what is expected of them and others. Lets make it as easy as possible for Ers.
  • We expect players to have buff food, flasks, bonus rolls and pots for pre potting.
  • We expect players to know what loot drops are upgrades and take them. We expect players to know what their BiS is.
  • We REQUEST that if an item that is an upgrade for you and an upgrade and BiS for another that a gentlemen's agree could be made.
  • We expect players to be getting the best out of their characters. If you have others in the same gear and spec as you but are doing more DPS, ask what they are doing and see if you can beat them next time.
  • We expect players to be available for 66% of raids (2 nights of 3). We accept people work shifts so it might be 1 night one week and 3 the next. That's life. We request where possible to get as close to 100%. We may use attendance (therefore experience of content) as a reason to take 1 person to mythic over another.
  • We expect that if you can not make a raid, are going on holiday, are working away or for anything else that you post on the forums explaining. We are understanding so if all you can say is "personal reasons" we wont push you. However "Going to the pub" might be challenged.
  • We highly recommend everyone has a working mic and uses TS to communicate timers, debuffs, buffs and general boss mechanics.
  • We recommend that if you can have a viable Offspec that you know how to play it and have it geared, gemmed and enchanted. If we can have a ranged DPS go healer for a certain fight (same for all hybrid classes) it can increase your raid time.

Senior Raiders:

  • We expect the same as raiders
  • We expect you to set an example to trialists, raiders and socials.
  • We expect you to be helping others.
  • We generally expect more of you.
  • We expect you to be selfless. You will be our go to guys for harder mechanics, helping gear new players and filling in the holes.


  • We will do the same as raiders and senior raiders.
  • We are your go to guys. 
  • We will set the example. If you feel any officer isn't pulling their weight talk to me.
  • We will Guild Lead, Raid Lead, Distribute loot, maintain the website & TS and generally overview everything.
  • We will maintain EPGP. If you wish to use EPGP to see the standings please feel free to. for more information on EPGP please click here.
  • What we say is the final word. If you do not like a decision, tactic or anything else please talk to me.
  • Each officer has an area of the raid team they oversee:
    • Ers = Melle
    • Rek = Tanks
    • Fud = Healers
    • Mihunt = Ranged
  • We DO NOT have priority on raid spots, loot or favours.
  • We have Real Lives too. Please remember this as we all need a holiday from time to time and running a guild and raid team can be stressful.

Things to note for WoD:

  • EPGP will be used for loot distribution.
  • We are aiming to raid mythic so players will need to be on standby (online, available and ready to go. You get the same credit for standby as you do raiding)
  • We are aiming to be one of the top guilds on the server. This may mean a level of concentration and raid awareness that is alot higher than we have been using recently.
  • Opening content is 17 bosses (not including world bosses) this is the longest of any content ever released. This means we may move on from one raid to the next before everyone has everything from every boss. We will tell you when content is puggable.

If you have any questions or queries please talk to me. 

Lets get some good quick progress and the shiny loot that goes with it.


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